Mass. suspends Ariz. driver's licenses

Mass. suspends Ariz. driver's licenses

CREATED Sep 19, 2011

Posted by Web Producer: Marissa Pasquet

BOSTON, Mass. (AP) - Massachusetts authorities have suspended the driver's licenses of more than 100 people who converted licenses from Arizona before being converted to Massachusetts licenses, and are investigating hundreds more.

Rachel Kaprielian, head of the state Registry of Motor Vehicles, says those people who got their licenses in Arizona, largely legal refugees, are breaking the law.

To get a license in Massachusetts, eligible applicants must first pass a written learner's permit test and then a road test. Immigrants can take the test in up to 26 foreign languages.

Officials say refugees are taking advantage of the more lenient Arizona requirements, in which the test can be bypassed if the applicant gets a certificate from a state-approved private driving school, often from someone who speaks their language.