“I’m deathly afraid of the man” Phillips defense team works to pin murder on other suspects

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“I’m deathly afraid of the man” Phillips defense team works to pin murder on other suspects

By Craig Smith. CREATED Mar 13, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - If not Pamela Phillips, who else was behind the car bomb that killed Gary Triano?  That’s the question defense attorneys are trying to build in the minds of the jurors as Phillips trial continues.

The prosecution against Phillips has been presenting evidence to tie her to a plot to kill her ex-husband and collect two million in life insurance.

All Phillips attorneys have to do is convince jurors there is reasonable doubt that she’s guilty so they’re trying to build a case against somebody else.

Phillips defense is trying to convince jurors a now dead, vengeful, drug addicted business associate of Triano’s, hired men to pull off the bombing.
Defense attorneys suggest a man named Timothy Alger was part of that group.
Alger’s ex wife Helen Diane Thomas, testified he ordered books on how to build bombs.  But Judge Richard Fields sent the jury out of the room while attorneys debated just what evidence jurors could hear.
Prosecutor Nicol Green urged the judge to consider that bomb making might not have been what Alger was looking up in a handbook for all sorts of crime.

“This book also includes stealing cable, stealing satellite, automobile enhancements, scanners and secret frequencies, weapons and ammunition.”

Phillips attorneys kept pushing to get the book into evidence…

Defense attorney Alicia Cata said to the judge, “It shows preparation.”

Judge Fields: No it doesn’t. It shows he ordered a magazine that happened to talk about bombs that you can throw, not remote bombs.  It also talks about hiding your ID.  it talks about going to Canada.”

When the judge asked Algers ex wife if he ever discussed making bombs, she did not answer directly but instead described him putting his hands around her throat and threatening her.

“He put his thumbs in my throat and said, do you know who I am, do you know what I could do to you? And I’m deathly afraid of the man.”

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