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Music critic's video attempts to prove that country music was 'awful' in 2013


Music critic's video attempts to prove that country music was 'awful' in 2013

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Dec 22, 2013

In a video he put together titled "Why country music was awful in 2013," journalist Grady Smith, the country music writer for Entertainment Weekly, uses numerous song lyrics from a variety of popular male country artists to explain, in his words, "How country music worked in 2013."

In the three and a half minute video (about the length of the average country song), Smith illustrates, line-by-line how (in his words) "a bunch of dudes sang about trucks, they drove down old dirt roads and they begged girls to get in their trucks, too. They only wanted girls wearing tight jeans, and they drove the girls to the nearest river bank. The sunset/moonlight made it all so romantic, and there was always alcohol (a.k.a. 'The Good Stuff' to loosen things up. But if every bro tactic failed, they would just call their girl, 'girl.' And that was about as deep as most mainstream country songs got."
He goes to take one final kick at country music when he tags the video with an apology for "all the wallet chains" that appeared in it. Watch Smith's video above.
In the explanation for his video, Smith added, "I hope country fans will stop settling for this derivative junk. I love a dumb party song every once in a while (including some of these!), but when they're the only flavor available, they get old very, very fast. Here's to better music in 2014."
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Phyllis Stark

Phyllis Stark

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