Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert share laugh after CMA 'look' ignites controversy


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Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert share laugh after CMA 'look' ignites controversy

By Stephen L. Betts. CREATED Nov 27, 2013

After the 2013 CMA Awards earlier this month, Best New Artist Kacey Musgraves felt like she had some explaining to do. As Miranda Lambert, Kacey's fellow nominee in the Female Vocalist of the Year category, was delivering her acceptance speech, TV cameras caught Kacey's blank expression, leading to wild speculation as to the reason for the look.

"As a new artist, I'm still getting used to cameras being on me 24/7," Kacey tells Rolling Stone. "And there's no way you can be caught smiling at all times. If you know me, sometimes when I'm just sitting there, it looks like I'm not having a good time, but I am!"

Kacey's look soon became fodder for the gossip blogs, so she reached out to Miranda to let her know she didn't mean anything by it. "We laughed about how dumb those things can get," she explains. "I don’t like that because it can take away from music at certain points. I didn’t mean anything by that. It’s funny because I was clapping and smiling before and after that clip. I guess I’m still kind of getting used to everything."

Kacey adds, "If anyone should be offended, it should be me! I mean, did you see my face? I look like a dumbass. It was a long day. My feet were hurting."

A long day in a phenomenal year for the 25-year-old whose debut album also scored a CMA nomination. Among the other highlights of her year? Playing stadiums with Kenny Chesney and writing songs with Katy Perry, whom Rolling Stone says is a "superfan" of Kacey's.

"Writing with her was amazing," she says. "She’s undeniably a huge pop star, but there's incredible substance and wit there, too."

In January, Kacey hits arenas with Lady Antebellum, noting of the trio, "They’re a really nice group of people. I’m getting the rest of my year set up after that. I don’t know if they’re things I can actually talk about yet, but it's bucket-list, dream sh--. I’m just really excited for next year."

Also in 2014, Kacey plans the release of the follow-up to her critically-lauded "Same Trailer Different Park" album.

Stephen L. Betts

Stephen L. Betts

Stephen L. Betts ("Steve") is a Nashville-based journalist who started his career as a tour guide, karaoke operator and library assistant at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.