The KGUN9 On Your Side Viewers' Bill of Rights

Valerie Bruce

The KGUN9 On Your Side Viewers' Bill of Rights

KGUN9 News understands that our nation's founders gave special protection to the press with the expectation that a free press will help uphold democracy. We believe this amounts to a pact that gives you, the viewer, certain rights in return. This "9 On Your Side Viewers' Bill of Rights" serves as our acknowledgment to you that:

You Have a Right to Ethical Journalism
KGUN9 subscribes to the SPJ and RTDNA Codes of Ethics, which encourage journalists to seek the truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently and be accountable.

You Have a Right to Responsible Newscasts and Promotions
KGUN9 will keep it real. While our presentation style will be conversational, we will avoid sensationalism. We will deliver the content that we promise. We will explain our values, but will not indulge in empty bragging.

You Have a Right to Service

KGUN9 understands that what we do is all about you. We will cover issues of community interest. We will keep the benefit to you in mind in everything we do.

You Have a Right to Be Heard
KGUN9 will seek not just "both sides" but a wide variety of viewpoints. We will give voice to the voiceless. We will reflect the community in all its diversity.

You Have a Right to Accountability
KGUN9 believes public officials in our democracy have a duty respond to the public, and to conduct the business of government in the open to the fullest extent possible. We will champion your right to get answers and to hold those in power accountable.

You Have a Right to Positive News
While negative news is unavoidable, KGUN9 acknowledges a responsibility to seek out stories that uplift and inspire the human spirit. When reporting problems, we will also spotlight possible solutions.

You Have a Right to Straight Facts
KGUN9 understands you have a right to decide. KGUN9 will never tell you what to think but may suggest what to think about. We'll present the full facts, distinguish fact from opinion, and guide you through the facts responsibly and without political bias.

You Have a Right to Relevant Crime Coverage
KGUN9 understands that an over-emphasis on crime in news coverage could create a false impression of danger in the community. We will avoid meaningless crime coverage. We will explain how crime affects you. We will spotlight crime trends. We will give stories involving threats to your safety highest priority.

You Have a Right to Privacy
KGUN9 sometimes must place people or organizations into the news who don't want to be there. When doing so, we will conduct ourselves with respect and compassion. We understand that children deserve special consideration and sensitivity. We will not hound the victims of crime or tragedy, and will exercise care when deciding whether to identify them.

You Have a Right To Get the News When, Where and How You Want It
KGUN9 News will deliver urgent, important, breaking news stories by the fastest delivery means practical. We will not deliberately withhold important content from

You Have a Right to Hold Us Accountable
KGUN9 understands that we are among the powerful whom you must hold accountable. We will listen to our viewers, and when called upon to do so, we will publicly explain our coverage decisions to you. We will regularly solicit feedback for this purpose. If we make a mistake, we will correct it promptly and prominently.

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