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Three years after the disappearance of Isabel Celis, her parents still searching for answers

After nearly three years of searching for clues, information, hoping someone makes a mistake, or decides to do the right thing, little Isa is still missing.

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Keeping the Cherrybell post office running

Representative Martha McSally met with local leaders and business owners to talk about the future of the Cherrybell Post Office on Monday. All of the facilities processing services are expected to be moved to Phoenix in July, which all means mail to and from Tucson will have to go through Phoenix.

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"It's not about punishing them." Program helps juveniles break the cycle of crime

Isaiah is 14-years-old and only two weeks away from graduating the Community Justice Boards program.

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Mt. Lemmon Fire 100% contained

Quick response kept fire to about five acres. Serves as a warning of an early fire season

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Caroline Rotich wins near-photo finish at Boston Marathon

A reported 26 miles and 385 yards of running led to a super-close finish in the women's division of the Boston Marathon.

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