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Tucson police officers, city employees linked to prostitution scandal

Tucson police officers and city employees are under investigation for allegedly receiving illegal massage services.

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Entirely Our Fault: TUSD admits negligence in $23 million Trevor Pahl case

Trevor Pahl fell off the top of a slide at Fruchthendler Elementary in August of 2013 and hit his head on a concrete slab below.

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Mountain rescue training as Operation Angel Thunder cranks up

Airmen and Marines trained for rescues from steep cliffs as part of the nearly two weeks of rescue training

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TPD: Hit-and-run pedestrian collision kills woman not in crosswalk

Tucson Police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run collision that occured in the 1200 block of South Craycroft Road on Friday night at 9:45 p.m.

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2 teens face felony charges in clock senior prank

Two high school students allegedly set multiple clocks to go off every few minutes inside lockers as their senior prank.

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