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Was actress Brittany Murphy poisoned?

Actress Brittany Murphy attends the UK premiere of the movie "Happy Feet" held at the Empire Leicester Square on November 26, 2006 in London, England. Image by Getty Images

Was actress Brittany Murphy poisoned?

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Nov 18, 2013

Was actress Brittany Murphy and her husband poisoned?

The popular actress, who starred in the television series "Clueless" and movies such as "Girl, Interrupted" and "Little Black Book," passed away in 2009.

At the time, it was ruled that her death was due to natural causes because she had pneumonia. But now, a new report is suggesting otherwise.

Brittany's mom has insisted from the beginning that her daughter's death was caused by mold in her home, according to

In fact, she received a settlement in January 2010 for construction defects.

But a new report is suggesting it could have been something far more sinister. According to the report quoted by Perez Hilton, ten heavy metals were detected in hair samples from Brittany at levels above the World Health Organization's recommendations.

The report also said that if the possibility of "simultaneous accidental heavy metals exposure" was eliminated, the only logical explanation would be exposure by a third party perpetrator with "likely criminal intent."

The heavy metals that were detected apparently can also be found in rat poisoning.

According to the Daily Mail, Brittany's father Angelo Bertolotti submitted samples from Brittany after years of litigation.

Her husband Simon Monjack died just five months later. At the time of his death, it was reported that he had the same symptoms as Brittany.

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