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NYC judge tells Alec Baldwin to 'be a good boy from now on' in court

NYC judge tells Alec Baldwin to 'be a good boy from now on' in court

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 25, 2014

A New York City judge told Alec Baldwin to "be a good boy from now on" during a court appearance on Thursday, according to the New York Daily News.

Baldwin was in court after he was busted for riding his bicycle against traffic on Fifth Avenue. During the encounter with police, witnesses say Baldwin was belligerent and foulmouthed.

Before his court appearance, Baldwin took a swipe at NYC on Twitter:

Back in February, Baldwin penned a lengthy essay for New York Magazine about how much he hates the media and about how he was ready to move out of New York City.

Even so, the judge bantered with Baldwin during his court appearance and asked the actor if he could stay out of trouble. The judge even addressed Baldwin by his real first name -- Alexander -- and told him that he liked Baldwin's movie, "Hunt for Red October."

However, when the judge told Baldwin that he would like an apology, the short-tempered actor refused. He told the judge that he would rather pay the fine.

If Baldwin can stay out of trouble until Jan. 24, 2015, the charge will be dropped.

The actor then jaywalked to his car after the court appearance.

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