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Couple wins $2.4M on Vegas slot machine after 20 years of no jackpots

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Couple wins $2.4M on Vegas slot machine after 20 years of no jackpots

By Elizabeth Gadley. CREATED Aug 23, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 26, 2014

A lucky couple from New Hampshire is now $2.4 million richer after a Friday jackpot on the Las Vegas Strip.

Walter Misco still can't believe he won the $2.4 million jackpot on the MGM Grand's most notorious slot machine, the Lion's Share.

"I was just stunned," said Misco.

Walter and his wife, Linda, have been coming to Las Vegas for the past 25 years and Walter has even played on the machine before but never with these results.

"My intention is to win, but this is just a lot greater than either one of us could have imagined," explained Misco.

It's not just the jackpot that's impressive, the machine has quite the history. It's the last of 50 progressive slot machines custom made for the MGM 20 years ago. The other 49 were removed 15 years ago. This one stayed because no one had hit its progressive jackpot, which had been accumulating over the years.

"It's always had a cult following of people who would come in and play it, but about eight months ago there was a Wall Street Journal article done on the game that made it even more popular," explained Justin Andrews, MGM Executive Director of Slots.

The Lion's Share even garnered a Facebook following, and bloggers would post updated maps showing were the machine was located as it was moved around the casino floor. Now it looks like it's time for the lion to rest, the machine is going into retirement.

So what do the Miscos plan to do with the money?  

"Like any good American, I'm going to give a good chunk of it to Uncle Sam," joked Misco.

All kidding aside, Misco said they'll use some of the winnings to put their five grandchildren through college and he might get a flashy new car.