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Wichita police investigate bomb threats at businesses

Wichita police investigate bomb threats at businesses

By Kyle McCaskey. CREATED Nov 14, 2013

Wichita Police are investigating bomb threats at three stores across the city this afternoon. 

The threats were called in over the phone, according to a Segdwick County Dispatch Supervisor. 

The locations include Kmarts at 47th St. S. and Broadway and the 4200 block of W. Kellogg, as well as the Walgreens in the 3300 block of E. Central. 

"I'm not sure what their ploy is," said Wichita Police Sgt. Roger Runft, who investigated the threat at the 47th and Broadway Kmart. 

Runft said that store did not evacuate because the store had already been made aware of similar threats being made today. 

Salina Police Department Lt. Scott Siemsen said a threat was made to a Kmart in Salina at 12:35 p.m. today. 

"With the assistance of employees, we looked throughout the store for any suspicious object. Not finding anything, they went back into operation as usual," Siemsen said. 

Siemsen said the man that called had a Middle Eastern accent, and was demanding money be put on a downloadable card. 

"He calls and tells them they have a bomb in their business, and just demands money put on a green card or any other downloadable card," Siemsen said. 

Runft said it is not clear if all the threats are connected.