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Water vision plan gains insights from Wichita residents

Water vision plan gains insights from Wichita residents

By Joe Cadotte. CREATED Jul 7, 2014
The Kansas Water Office is gathering information from communities across Kansas to draft a 50-year water plan.

At a public forum Monday, in Wichita, Sharon Ailslieger, with the Wichita League of Women Voters, asked Kansas Water Office Assistant Director Earl Lewis about identifying sources.

"There's only so much water, and if you take it from some place else and there's a drought... more reservoirs is a better answer because it's not going to be cheap to get water from some place else," Ailslieger said. "It seems to me that's a very short term answer... Let's face it folks, if you don't have water you're dead in three days. Buying or borrowing water from elsewhere is a short-term answer."
"You're exactly right," Lewis responded. "You don't want to harm one part of the state to benefit another part of the state without some balance there, and also we don't want build some infrastructure that's not reliable."

The Vision Team has already collected information from more than 9,000 Kansans.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday morning in Liberal from 7 to 8:30 at the Seward County Activity Building, 810 Stadium Rd. 
Photo by Joe Cadotte
From left to right: Tracy Streeter, Kansas Water Office director, Greg Foley, Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Conservation, Lane Letourneau, Kansas Department of Agriculture Water Resources, Earl Lewis, Kansas Water Office assistant director, Susan Metzger, Kansas Water Office chief of planning and policy and Jackie McClaskey, Secretary of the Kansas Department of Agriculture.