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Tiahrt Campaign Recap:

Tiahrt Campaign Recap:

By Jacob Weston. CREATED Aug 5, 2014

It was a hard-fought campaign for the 4th District Congressional Primary, but in the end, Incumbant Mike Pompeo won by a solid margin: 67% to 33% against former Congressman Todd Tiahrt.

Speaking to KFDI News, Tiahrt says the most important aspect of the campaign was making sure Americans were heard in Washington.  "Our Constitution says 'We the People,' but Washington has become all about the money." said Tiahrt.

Tiahrt said a win for his campaign would have meant that the people were being heard, but a loss means that "It's all about the money."

Tiahrt said, regardless of the outcome, the message that needs to be taken back to Washington is that the government is about the people, not money.