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Sedgwick County cracks down on contraband at jail

Sedgwick County cracks down on contraband at jail

By Kyle McCaskey. CREATED Nov 13, 2013

The Sedgwick County Jail is stepping up its enforcement of keeping contraband out of the hands of its inmates. 

It has been a priority of Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter. 

"We are seeing less contraband, but the cases are way up," said Lt. David Mattingly. 

Mattingly said a year ago, there were less cases being charged. Now, cell searches are finding the contraband more regularly. 

"The cell searches are happening randomly. There are no set schedules," Mattingly said. 

This year, there have been 116 contraband cases. Among them, 15 have been charged and 41 are still active. Fifty have not been charged because they are items like torn bed sheets - considered contraband, but not charged, Mattingly said. 

Cell phones, narcotics, tattooing equipment and tobacco are among the items being found of those that are charged.