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Much colder air invades Kansas

Much colder air invades Kansas

By Matthew Harding . CREATED Dec 29, 2013

You may have noticed the windows on your house rattling or the furnace kick on more than usual overnight. Thats because a strong cold front plowed through the area just before midnight.

Since then, temperatures have been in a freefall. The temperature at Mid-Continent Airport just before midnight was 42 degrees. At 8 am, the temperature in Wichita was 19 degrees. Wind chills across the state were between 5 above and 10 below zero. 

Storm Team 12 Meteorologist Dean Jones says temperatures will struggle to get to our forecasted high of 24 degrees today. The good news is that the winds are forecasted to subside during the day.

Tonight will be cold, with the forecasted low down to 10 degrees. 

Thanfully, the cold air will be short-lived, as we warm back up to near 50 degrees by Tuesday.