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Mailbox thefts increase in Wichita

Mailbox thefts increase in Wichita

By Joe Cadotte. CREATED Aug 28, 2014

There have been 134 cases of mail theft in Wichita since January.

People should be more vigilant with their mailboxes, said District Attorney Marc Bennett. People should check their mail regularly, or install a lock on their mailbox, he said.

"Because it's essentially leaving personal information out in the street in a box, that's unsecured," Bennett said.

It's common for thieves to steal checks or fill out credit card applications.

"A lot of us will just throw those things away, but they'll get those out, maybe fill it out and then come back and hit the mailbox again when the card gets delivered," Bennett said. "And now they've got a card with your name on it and they're ready to go."

The most basic thing people can do to prevent or respond to mail theft is to call 911.