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City council members vote in favor of hotel tax

City council members vote in favor of hotel tax

By Penny Kiryk. CREATED Mar 18, 2014

Wichita City Council members voted unanimously in favor of a new hotel tax which will raise money to boost tourism, and attract events in Wichita.

Susie Santo with Go Wichita spoke to city council members earlier this month, and told them current funding for Go Wichita has had limited growth during a time when the city is facing strong competition from other cities when it comes to attracting things like conventions and tourism.

Earlier in March, the Wichita city council voted to create a tourism district to help raise money for marketing and promotion. A Tourism Buisness Improvement District will be established as well.

On Tuesday, city council members voted 7-0 in favor of a new tax on hotels: hotels with over 50 rooms will see a 2.75% room rate increase.

That should turn into about $2.5 to $3 million per year.