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VIDEO: Brad Paisley explains why he leaked 'Moonshine In The Trunk'

VIDEO: Brad Paisley explains why he leaked 'Moonshine In The Trunk'

By Kellie Michaels. CREATED Aug 26, 2014

Brad Paisley says he is going to miss leaking "Moonshine." He made the admission in a video released at about the same time as this week's official release of his new album, "Moonshine in the Trunk."

Brad posted the video on his Facebook page. In it, he explains why he leaked every song on the album ahead of the announced release date, all without the consent of his record label.

"It came down to me wanting to present these songs to the world in the best way possible," Brad explains. "It's all about connecting dots and letting you hear this record the way I intended the first time."

Brad goes on to reflect on the controversy over the song "Accidental Racist" on his previous album. "Last time I released an album I had some things hijacked and I didn't get to be the person to explain myself right off the bat," he says. "There was a lot of speculation. This time, I got to be the person to present this to the world."

Brad ends the video by admitting that he will miss "leaking moonshine," but says he has some ideas for other fun things he can still do on the Internet "now that we have this little understanding."

Watch the full video below or click here.

"Moonshine in the Trunk" track listing and songwriter credits:  

1. Crushin’ It - Brad Paisley/Kelley Lovelace/Lee Thomas Miller

2. River Bank -Brad Paisley/Kelley Lovelace

3. Perfect Storm -Brad Paisley/Lee Thomas Miller

4. High Life (featuring Carrie Underwood) -Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois/Brent Anderson/Kelley Lovelace

5. Moonshine in the Trunk - Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois/Brent Anderson

6. Shattered Glass - Brad Paisley

7. Limes -Brad Paisley/Kelley Lovelace/Lee Thomas Miller

8. You Shouldn’t Have To - Brad Paisley/Kelley Lovelace/Tim Owens

9. 4WP - Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois/Brent Anderson

10. Cover Girl - Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois/Brent Anderson

11. Gone Green - Kenny Lewis

12. JFK 1962 - Brad Paisley

13. American Flag on the Moon - Brad Paisley

14. Country Nation - Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois/Kelley Lovelace

Kellie Michaels

Kellie Michaels

Kellie Michaels is co-host of the top-rated "Brian & Kellie" morning show on KFDI, in Wichita, Kan., with husband, Brian Pierce. She and Brian are one of only a handful of married couples doing morning shows in the country.