Thief gives up stolen van after texts from single mom of five


Thief gives up stolen van after texts from single mom of five

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Aug 18, 2014

A man who stole a van recently had a change of heart after texting with the van's owner.

Megan Bratten had driven her van to a K-mart store in Missouri. When she came out of the store, it was gone.

Bratten was angry, of course. The single mother of five needs the van to run her business and provide for her children, according to KCTV Channel 5.

Then she remembered that her cellphone was also in the van. So, she decided to text the thief.

The first text wasn't so nice. She told the thief that he had just stolen a van from a single mom and used some pretty explicit words.

The thief didn't respond. At least not at first. Bratten kept trying though. She sent multiple messages over three hours. In the last message, she pleaded with the thief.

That is when she received a response. Bratten says that the thief gave her directions to where she could find the van.

The thief also texted Bratten that he felt bad, and explained that he had lost his job and his kids needed a meal on the table.

Bratten says she also told the thief that the van's transmission leaked and when she went to pick it up, there was an empty bottle of transmission fluid in the van.

Bratten did not call the police.

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