Social media saves rare lobster from dinner plate


Social media saves rare lobster from dinner plate

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 31, 2014

A very rare lobster was recently saved from becoming someone's dinner thanks to social media.

Marybeth Jeitner of Florida purchased the rare lobster from her local Publix in Flagler Beach, according to the Bradenton Herald.

Jeitner says that she was at the grocery store when a couple she knew told her about the unusually-colored lobster. So, even though she is a vegan, she purchased the lobster and named it Libby, which is short for liberation.

She then posted a photos on Facebook, asking for someone to save the lobster from ending up next to a piece of corn on the cob and a baked potato.

The Florida woman received hundreds of responses and found out that the lobster wasn't just unusual, but actually very rare. In fact, according to experts, only 1 in 30 million lobsters have a light orange shell like Libby.

Pretty soon, a company in Maine named volunteered to transport Libby to a marine science center in New Hampshire. Libby will live there, safe from being dipped in butter or having its tail stuffed, for the rest of its days. Libby is scheduled to arrive in New England by the end of the week.

Libby isn't the only rare lobster to escape death recently.

A captain of a fishing boat in New Hampshire actually caught one that is even more rare than Libby. Josiah Beringer found a calico lobster in one of his traps on July 23, according to the Portsmouth Herald. Calico lobsters are 1 in 30 to 50 million. They are the second rarest lobster after albino lobsters.

The 5-year-old male lobster is a bright orange with blue spots. He was nicknamed "Blue" by Beringer. The lobster was donated to the Explore the Ocean World Oceanarium in Hampton Beach. The lobster has since become quite the celebrity. Blue won't be staying forever though. He will be released back into the ocean after the summer.

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