NH turkey farmer says beer makes turkeys taste better

NH turkey farmer says beer makes turkeys taste better

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Nov 8, 2013

You have probably heard of beer can chicken. Supposedly if you cook a chicken with a can of beer inserted, the chicken has more flavor and is juicier.

A turkey farmer in New Hampshire is taking it one step further. His turkeys actually drink beer.

It all began in 1993 when one of his turkeys knocked over a can and started drinking.

Joe Morette says that the turkeys, which apparently don't care if they are given Budweiser or a microbrew, actually taste better because of their alcohol consumption.

He insists that the beer makes the turkeys fatter, more flavorful and juicier.

PETA isn't too happy about the practice though and says that some farmers use questionable practices to keep costs down and change the taste of animals.


Tipsy Turkeys: NH birds fed beer for flavor, size -- ABC News/Associated Press

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