Man on cross-country trip buying signs from the homeless


Man on cross-country trip buying signs from the homeless

By Rebecca Lewis. CREATED Jul 7, 2014

An artist driving from coast to coast is buying signs from homeless people for a new art piece he's working on.

Willie Baronet is a college professor from Dallas. He teaches creativity and design at Southern Methodist University. Before that, he was a successful businessman, according to the Seattle Times.

For the last 20 years, Baronet has been buying signs from the homeless. He recently decided to use them to create a new piece of art.

Baronet wants to meet as many homeless people as he can and buy their signs. He is currently on a month-long trip across the country. He started his journey in Seattle and will end it in New York, visiting 24 cities on his trip.

Baronet isn't really sure why he bought his first sign. He saw one that he liked and he offered to buy it. It felt good, so he kept buying more signs.

His mother died in 2003 and that is when he decided to make a big change. He sold his business and went back to school to study art. His very first art installation incorporated signs he had purchased from homeless people.

His new project is titled "We Are All Homeless." You can follow him on his trip and find out more about the project by clicking here.

Some of the other cities he'll visit include Atlanta, Detroit and Washington D.C.