Vandals spray paint pigs


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Vandals spray paint pigs

CREATED Oct 17, 2013

CHICKASHA, Okla. (AP) Authorities in Chickasha are searching for whoever broke into the high school's agriculture farm, let the animals out and spray-painted graffiti on two show hogs.

Police say the incident happened late Monday or early Tuesday at the Chickasha Ag Barn. Police say someone got into the barn and let all the cattle, hogs and sheep out of their pens.

The animals were found scattered around pastures near the barn, though some cattle made it a few blocks away. Two sheep ventured into a hog pen and ate the hogs' food, which can be harmful. The sheep are now under veterinary care.

The police department says two show hogs were covered in spray paint, so the animals won't be able to participate in a planned livestock show next week.

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