Roads, bridges improve with increased funding

Roads, bridges improve with increased funding

CREATED Oct 13, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - It wasn't long ago that Oklahoma relied almost exclusively on federal transportation dollars to fund its highway and bridge building program.

State-appropriated tax dollars couldn't keep up with the maintenance needs of the 12,262 miles of highways and 6,812 bridge spans in the state - a transportation network that was described as among the worst in the nation in 2005 by a national transportation research group.

But changes in funding priorities at the Legislature have more than doubled state transportation spending over the years, and state tax dollars now exceed federal transportation spending in the state.

Figures provided by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation indicate highway revenue in Oklahoma for the fiscal year ending June 30 totaled $1,068 billion. More than half the total, $544 million, was state tax dollars.

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