OKC archbishop dismisses lawsuit over 'black mass'

OKC archbishop dismisses lawsuit over 'black mass'

CREATED Aug 22, 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The archbishop of Oklahoma City says a consecrated communion wafer at the center of a lawsuit has been returned.

Archbishop Paul Coakley filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Oklahoma County District Court against the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu and leader Adam Daniels. Coakley alleged that the group and Daniels unlawfully obtained the consecrated host to be used in the Mass. A consecrated host is a wafer of bread that Catholics believe is the body and blood of Jesus.

The group of Satanists had planned to use the communion wafer during a ``black Mass'' next month.

Coakley said in a statement Thursday that the communion wafer has been returned with a promise that a Consecrated Host will not be used during any rituals.

Coakley says he has agreed to dismiss the lawsuit. 

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