Authorities charge 50 Oklahomans in drug ring

Authorities charge 50 Oklahomans in drug ring

CREATED Aug 20, 2014

TULSA, Okla. (AP) Federal authorities say Tulsa gang members have distributed $10 million worth of cocaine from Mexican cartels and murdered at least one witness since 2011.

A federal indictment states more than 50 members and associates of the Hoover Crips have been charged with a total of about 240 criminal offenses. Authorities released the findings of the three-year, multi-agency investigation on Tuesday.

Authorities say gang members purchased cocaine and marijuana from cartels from 2011 to 2014. They say members operated Tulsa drug dens where cocaine was cooked, packaged and sold.

A federal attorney says that 23 of the 51 people indicted had been arrested by Tuesday afternoon. He says the 238-page report is the largest in the history of the Northern District of Oklahoma. 

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