Man killed in early morning shooting

Man killed in early morning shooting

By Jack Bush. CREATED Mar 23, 2013

Tulsa (KTUL) Police responded to a man down call, turned deadly shooting at a Papa Johns early Saturday morning.According to police, two workers were delivering dough to the Papa Johns near 2800 E. 11 Street when one of them was shot twice in the chest. 

One of the workers was inside when he heard loud noises coming from the outside of the building. When he went to check on his partner and found the victim on the ground. The man called EMSA believing his coworker had suffered a heart attack.

The victim, 53, was transported to St. John's Hospital and it was discovered that he had been shot twice in the chest.

Police say it is not a common occurrence for delivery workers to be held up like this. The two workers had made the delivery to the store in a large semi truck from Arlington, Texas.

At this time, there is no information on the suspect.