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Quiet evening, but wetter weather coming

It will be a very quiet evening, as an onshore wind will keep the coast dry this evening.
No big changes for tomorrow as we will start off with showers in the Gulf of Mexico moving ashore in our northern counties then throughout the day drifting a bit deeper inland.  By mid week, a shift in the wind will become more easterly.  
This returns us to our more typical rainy season pattern for the end of the week and the holiday weekend.  Dry mornings with scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorm.  Rain chances going up to about 40% for the Fourth of July weekend.
Tuesday's Boating Forecast-
Winds: West 10 Knots
Seas & Rivers: 1-2 Feet
Bay & Inland Waters: Smooth
Gulf Water Temperature: 89*
Sunrise  6:38 AM/Sunset  8:25 PM 
  High Tide:   2:07 AM 
   Low Tide:   5:14 AM 
  High Tide:  11:44 AM
   Low Tide:   7:25 PM 
Wednesday   Full Moon
Sunrise  6:38 AM/Sunset  8:25 PM
  High Tide:   2:51 AM
   Low Tide:   5:55 AM 
  High Tide:  12:25 PM 
   Low Tide:   8:06 PM 
Sunrise  6:38 AM/Sunset  8:25 PM 
  High Tide:   3:30 AM 
   Low Tide:   6:39 AM 
  High Tide:   1:08 PM 
   Low Tide:   8:46 PM 
Sunrise  6:39 AM/Sunset  8:25 PM 
  High Tide:   4:06 AM
   Low Tide:   7:30 AM 
  High Tide:   1:55 PM 
   Low Tide:   9:27 PM
Sunrise  6:39 AM/Sunset  8:25 PM
  High Tide:   4:40 AM 
   Low Tide:   8:26 AM 
  High Tide:   2:48 PM 
   Low Tide:  10:08 PM 
Sunrise  6:40 AM/Sunset  8:25 PM 
  High Tide:   5:14 AM
   Low Tide:   9:28 AM 
  High Tide:   3:44 PM
   Low Tide:  10:49 PM EDT   0.0
Tracking the Tropics-
Tracking a tropical wave coming off the coast of Africa as well as a wave just east of the Lesser Antilles.  They both appear to be impacted by dry air and Saharan dust in the atmosphere.  At this time, no tropical development is forecast anywhere in the Tropical Atlantic Basin over the next 5 days.

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