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Another round of rain today

Looks like this afternoon may be similar to yesterday with the chance for some of the thunderstorms that develop later this afternoon becoming strong to severe.  The Winds will be light and variable until the sea breeze develops, that's when we will see the showers and thunderstorms developing along the I-75 corridor and building back to the coastal communities later this afternoon and lingering through the evening.  We have the chance for gusty winds, heavy downpours, lots of lightning and small hail with the storms this afternoon.  Daytime highs are going to top out in the mid to lower 90's.
Light southeasterly winds for the weekend will continue our rainy season pattern.  First part of the day lots of sunshine, allowing temperatures to quickly climb into the mid to lower 90's.  Showers and thunderstorms developing as the west coast sea breeze meets the east coast sea breeze.  Rain chances through the weekend will be in the 50% range.  Right now, computer models are indicating the storms will wind down in time for all of the Fourth of July fireworks celebrations planned on Saturday night.
Friday's Boating Forecast-
Winds: Southeast becoming South 5-10 Knots 
Seas & Rivers: 1-2 Feet
Bay & Inland Waters: Light Chop    
Gulf Water Temp:  89*
Sunrise  6:36 AM/Sunset  8:24 PM 
   Low Tide:   2:24 AM 
  High Tide:   9:08 AM
   Low Tide:   4:14 PM 
  High Tide:  10:53 PM
Sunrise  6:37 AM/Sunset  8:24 PM 
   Low Tide:   3:09 AM
  High Tide:   9:48 AM 
   Low Tide:   5:11 PM 
Sunrise  6:37 AM/Sunset  8:24 PM
  High Tide:  12:15 AM 
   Low Tide:   3:53 AM 
  High Tide:  10:27 AM 
   Low Tide:   6:00 PM 
Dry air continues to come off the west coast of Africa and extending west as far as the Caribbean Sea.  With this dry air in place, across much of the Tropical Atlantic Basin, no development is anticipated over the holiday weekend.
Storm Patrol Meteorologist Michelle Cunningham


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