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Rain starting early this afternoon

Once again we are starting out mostly sunny with temperatures in the lower half of the 70s, but the clouds and rain are expected to arrive in SWFL during the early afternoon hours.

Isolated rain will start to move into our Inland counties from the east coast during the early afternoon while the clouds continue to build overhead. Isolated rain is also forecast to come ashore in SWFL from the Gulf during the early afternoon hours, especially for Charlotte & Sarasota county. Rain approaching from both directions will meet over SWFL producing showers and thunderstorms with the possibility of some heavy downpours and strong winds. It does look like the greatest chance of rain will be around our Inland counties and move across Collier county ending up in the Gulf late this afternoon.

Temperatures will top out in the upper 80s and lower 90s due to the early afternoon cloud cover and rain cooled air.

Another round of showers & thunderstorms with the potential for strong storms is forecast to move across SWFL from east to west on Wednesday.

The rainfall potential is forecast to drop starting on Thursday and continue through the weekend; rain chances will start to pick up on Sunday and Monday. This may be due to the influence of dry air moving across the Atlantic Ocean reaching the Caribbean and western Atlantic at this time.

Tuesday's Boating Forecast-

Winds: E-SW 5-10 kts
Seas & Rivers: 1-2 ft
Inland Waters: light chop
Water Temperature: 87*

High Tide: 6:30A/5:45P
Low Tide: 11:45 AM

Sunrise: 6:40 AM
Sunset: 8:25 PM

Tracking the Tropics-

A considerable amount of dry air is still exiting the west coast of Africa and reaching the western Atlantic and the Caribbean; this is reducing the chances of any tropical development around the Basin at this time.

The waters of the Gulf and the Caribbean continue to hover throughout the 80s while the eastern Atlantic is a bit cooler with temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. This typically keeps the Atlantic quiet until August when we historically see a dramatic increase in tropical activity around the Basin.
The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean are forecast to stay quiet with no development over the next several days.

FOX 4 Meteorologist Jamie Kagol

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