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True Fashionistas

Grab the beach towel, a pen, and some paper, you will want to take note. Jennifer Galloway and Jennifer Johnson from True Fashionistas have some tips for what’s hot on the beach front.

Roll out your carry on, or should we say beach-bag, it’s time to pack for a vacation in paradise and Jennifer Galloway from True Fashionistas has some tips for whats hot on the beach front.

The essentials that you need to bring with you on a trip to paradise would be 2 swim suits; one with a print and one solid colored.

 All you really need is one cover up, you could bring an extra but one cover up for sure and then a beach bag which can also double as your carry-on, on a plane.

A crochet long cover up that could also be paired as a dress that you could put the chic under and it would look great. A coral swimsuit underneath and incidentally orange is the new black this season. 

You could even try a leopard sheer printed cover up and a black Burberry swim suit, and it looks so glamorous, it’s out of this world! 

Dress for a glam slam, where comfort is key; just don't get too comfortable.

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