Burn by Rocky Patel


Burn by Rocky Patel

Cigar Lovers call it a mecca for all things cigar related, and it's right here in Paradise. 

Take a look at why Burn by Rocky Patel is one hot spot! Some say there is something very romantic about a cigar. It's the style, the pace, it's very social. 

Burn turns up the heat and lights it up in this one of a kind cigar lounge.

Burn was envisioned by Rocky Patel, a local cigar manufacturer who has been one of the top cigar makers for years, to be an elevation in lounges. 

And lounge you can. With the amazing bar, the two terraces, and the darker tucked away spots, lounging here can turn into an art. 

Take a walk in the walk-in humidor or sit at the uber mellow bar. 

Either way, the ambiance is unlike most others. All of this is wrapped up in one tightly rolled box of perfection for any cigar lover.

The bouquet of complexity here is further emphasized with the on staff tobacconist.

 Corey, jack of all trades, was trained in Honduras and can be found on site most days rolling cigars. His expertise does not end there, he can help match your tastes to the perfect cigar, pour you a companion drink, or, for the novice even help you start from scratch.

He can teach you everything from the way that you cut it, to the way that you light it to the that you smoke it. 

The love of the cigar isn't just for the fellas either. The cigar is catching fire with females all over Southwest Florida. 

Burn by Rocky Patel is HOT, HOT, HOT!

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