Man uses YouTube to address online generation pitfalls


Man uses YouTube to address online generation pitfalls

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED May 5, 2014

When is the last time that you looked up from your mobile or online device? Have you missed the time, or love, of your life?

YouTuber Gary Turk wants us to "Look Up." That's the name of a rhyming, one word film he's created "for an online generation," according to his video's description.

"I have 492 friends, yet I'm lonely," Turk says in the opening line of "Look Up."

Turk describes the advanced technology that we have as an "illusion." He says we arrange our words online to "glisten," however, is anyone truly "listen[ing]?"

"So when you're in public and you start to feel alone, put your hands behind your head, step away from the phone. You don't need to stare at your menu or contact list, just talk to one another, learn to coexist," Turk later urges.

Turk further remembers his own childhood outside, yet says now the empty playgrounds give him "chills."

In Turk's "Look Up" viral video, that now has more than 12 million views, he continues to advise, "Look up from your phone, shut down the display, take in your surroundings, make the most of today. Just one real connection, it's all it can take to show you the difference that being there can make."

And if you're "there in the moment?" Watch above to see just what may happen next for you.


Julianne Cassidy

Julianne Cassidy

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