Got a rash? It could be your iPad


Got a rash? It could be your iPad

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 14, 2014

Do you or one of your kids have mysterious rash? Do you own an iPad? If so, you might want to spend a little less time with technology.

An 11-year-old California boy was recently treated at Rady Children's Hospital for a rash that was traced back to the family iPad.

In the beginning, the boy had a common skin condition that caused scaly patches. But then, he developed a whole new rash all over his body that did not respond to treatment.

According to FOX News, a skin test showed he had a nickel allergy and the doctors were able to trace it to the iPad.

His parents say the boy used the iPad daily. The boy got better after the family put a protective cover on the device.

A case study was published in the "Pediatrics" medical journal.

According to the Associated Press, nickel allergies in children appear to be on the rise. Approximately 25 percent of children are now testing positive for nickel, which is up from 17 percent a decade ago.

Earlier this year, FitBit recalled its Force fitness tracker after multiple users developed contact dermatitis from wearing the band. The rash was originally attributed to nickel in the band's charging port, but it is not known if that was the true cause.

FOX News says it is not known if all iPad models and other Apple devices contain nickel. An Apple spokesman said the company has no comment.

The iPad used by the child with the rash was purchased in 2010.

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