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Former NBA star Dennis Rodman drinks because he is bored


Former NBA star Dennis Rodman drinks because he is bored

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jan 31, 2014

Dennis Rodman drinks because he is bored.

The former NBA star made the confession to CNN's Chris Cuomo during CNN's "New Day" on Friday.

Rodman talked about the controversy over his visits to North Korea and his meetings with that country's leader, Kim Jong Un. Rodman also said his role is not that of a diplomat.

In addition, Rodman told Cuomo that he still does not know what American prisoner in North Korea Kenneth Bae did, and he apologized for his remarks during an earlier explosive interview with Cuomo.

It was Rodman's first interview since he entered an alcohol rehab facility two weeks ago. Rodman said during the interview that he has always been a party animal and that a lot of stuff has been happening with him the past 18 months.

Rodman has already admitted to drinking before the first Cuomo interview from North Korea, but is not admitting that he was drunk.

The outspoken Rodman also said that his visits to North Korea do not make him a bad person and that he is not a traitor.

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