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Viewers' Voice: To frack, or not to frack


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Viewers' Voice: To frack, or not to frack

By Julian Glover. CREATED Mar 12, 2014

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.-  Hundreds of people from all over the state of Florida came out to a hearing with the United States Environmental Protection Agency about oil drilling in Golden Gate Estates. 

For nearly a year the concerned citizens have been standing up and speaking out against the drilling. On Tuesday the EPA hosted a rare forum and took questions from the public before it decides whether or not to issue an injection well permit to the Dan A. Hughes company.
"I think it's terrible," said one protestor, "terrible for those residents, for the whole county, for South Florida, for the state of Florida." 
Residents at the meeting were fired up about the topics up for discussion at the forum, and so are many of you at home. 
Sylvia calling in says she lives in Golden Gate Estates and the proposed drilling location would be a stone's throw from her home. 
"I am definitely not for it since I live two streets away where they want to drill," said Sylvia, "We don't want that in our neighborhood. We didn't buy out here to have well drilling going on." 
Roseanne lives in Naples and says protecting the environment is more important than the possibility of discovering oil. 
"I definitely do not believe there should be any oil drilling in the Everglades," said Roseanne, "It's a very fragile ecological area with a lot at stake."
Jay, who also lives in Naples says go for it. 
 "As long as they get the prices of gas to come down, I don't care of they drill in my back yard."
The oil company and the State Department of Environmental Protection have stated drilling is safe and the chance for emergencies or disasters is un-likely. Neighbors said they don't want to take any chances.
The EPA denied requests for interviews Tuesday evening. A spokeswoman said there is no deadline on when they will decide whether or not to issue the permit. She said it usually takes between 60 and 90 days to review public comments.
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