Students at Edison College demand Pres. Walker resign

Students at Edison College demand Pres. Walker resign

By Cory O'Donnell. CREATED Oct 14, 2011

FORT MYERS - Students at Edison College are demanding the resignation of its president a day after the faculty voted on a resolution for him to resign.

A letter sent out today to President Kenneth Walker by students with some very direct words.  Students are saying it's time for Walker to take a hike.

President Walker sent the following statement below regarding the Faculty Senate meeting on Thursday where he was asked to resign by the faculty:

"My understanding of yesterday’s Faculty Senate meeting is that less than half of our faculty members voted on the resolution which, as of late afternoon Friday, I have yet to receive. 

It is concerning to me that the claims of this resolution are being played out in the media and not being addressed to me directly.  It is unfortunate the recent turn of events have overshadowed the process that the faculty and I have worked on collaboratively for the past six months.

Back in April of this year, I announced a Six-Point-Plan designed to address the faculty’s concerns and to begin the process of rebuilding a professional and positive relationship. Today, four of those six points have been either accomplished or are ongoing. By mutual agreement, between myself and the Faculty Senate, one of those points, to engage an objective, respected third party to review the management team and processes at the College and present an open and honest report, was to begin after the SACS visit next month.  It is important to everyone that final preparations for the SACS visit take priority. The final point, to conduct an anonymous survey of faculty and staff, is being expanded to include students, and will also be done after the SACS visit. Since April, the Faculty Senate has participated in the regular monthly Board of Trustees meetings by following established and agreed upon policies and procedures. The Faculty Senate is on the agenda for this month’s meeting. I welcome and look forward to having direct communications from the Faculty Senate with the hope that we can work toward a positive resolution for the good of Edison State College."
--- Dr. Kenneth P. Walker                                                                                                             
     District President