Viewers opine on flashing headlight to warn drivers of speed

Viewers opine on flashing headlight to warn drivers of speed

By Cory O'Donnell. CREATED Aug 30, 2011

A number of Florida drivers are filing a lawsuit saying that troopers are mis-applying a law about flashing your headlights at oncoming traffic.

“There is no law in Florida that prohibits the flashing of factory headlights.”

Attorney J. Marcus Jones filed a lawsuit in Tallahassee saying that any tickets that have stemmed from drivers using their headlights as a warning sign are illegal.

“The intent behind this statute by the legislator was to prevent people from putting flashing lights on top of their vehicles. You can get all kinds of lights to put on top of your vehicle.”

Naples P-D says they're not opposed to drivers helping others out, because of the overall effect.

“If someone is flashing their lights after they pass us and other people are slowing down, that's pretty much going to take care of our job for us cause that's going to be our goal in the speed enforcement zone is compliance more than just giving tickets to people.”

So, we asked what you thought.

Bill from Bonita Springs says:
“If you want to flash your lights, that should be none of their business.”

Kurt from Cape Coral:
“I do it a lot of times just to slow people coming the opposite way down.  It seems to be a very good deterrent because they don't know if it's not there.  So they slow down automatically.”

However, Patrick has a different opinion.  He thinks getting a ticket for flashing your lights is fair and posted this on our Facebook page:

“If somebody is breaking the law then another person helping them get away with it is assisting in the act.”