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Lee County Schools begin search to replace Dr. Browder

Lee County Schools begin search to replace Dr. Browder

CREATED Sep 22, 2010

Voters tossed out school board members -- Elinor Scricca and Steven Teuber.  Even though they'll soon be sent packing -- the two will play a major role in replacing Superintendent James Browder.

Don Armstrong:  "There is something that smells -- that's not right about this".

Don Armstrong -- recently elected by the voters -- won't have much of a say in the matter and neither will Tom Scott.  The two won't be sworn in till November.

Don Armstrong:  "Now all I can do is voice my opinion even though I am an elected board member I am not a sitting one".

Armstrong worries that the current board members will pull a power play and not only appoint an interim superintendent but hire one before the new school members take their seats in November.  Former board member Bob Chilmonik says that isn't so far fetched -- take a look at how Browder got his job.

Bob Chilmonik: "if someone is appointed past history has shown they become the defacto superintendent and that is wrong. You have 3 new or will have elected board members and their future will depend on this hiring decision".

Don Armstrong:  "but those are the same board members that is giving Jim Browder 340 thousand dollars to leave...these are the same ones who want to be in control of putting in a interim superintendent".

Armstrong says he won't back down from the fight.   But since he isn't sitting up here for a few more weeks -- he needs your help.

Don Armstrong:  "it's time to put the public back in public education and that means they need to come out and be involved in this board meeting"