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Browder the one for the job, no need to look elsewhere?

Browder the one for the job, no need to look elsewhere?

CREATED Sep 22, 2010

Fort Myers - Lee County Superintendent James Browder will be banking a six-figure salary at his new job with Edison State College.

That figure: $160,000 a year. But was anyone else considered for the job or was it created just for Browder?

"Um you know I don't know the answer to that," said Catherine Bergerson, a spokesperson for Edison State College.

But here's one thing Bergerson does know: Browder was their man.

"Dr. Browder was the only one [interviewed]," said Bergerson. "The job was not posted."

It's not illegal for universities to create new jobs and not post openings for them.

For this job, the school's president thought Browder was a perfect fit. School officials say the VP of operations job sat vacant for years. Now it's a top priority to fill.

So was the job created for Browder since nobody else was interviewed? "That's your perception," said Bergerson.

Perception or not it's a sweet deal. Browder could be raking in a whopping $160,000 a year plus a $600 a month car allowance.

"When we knew the right candidate was here in our backyard [the president] Dr Walker made an offer."

While the offer was made, and Browder accepted, it's not a done deal. The board of trustees will have the final say.

"From what I can see people are very excited to welcome him," said Bergerson.

But not everyone's welcoming him with open arms. Some students are outraged over Browder's six-figure salary.

"So that money couldn't have been used for something to benefit students or student programs," asked Chad Bromley, a student at Edison. "It just seems kind of ridiculous."

"That's kind of ridiculous to bring in somebody for that much money," said another student. "You got teachers paid less than that."

If approved by the board of trustees, Browder is set to start in November.

Matt Grant