WTK: Mother concerned about not being told of son's nasty fall on bus


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WTK: Mother concerned about not being told of son's nasty fall on bus

By Liza Fernandez. CREATED Oct 23, 2013

FORT MYERS, Fla. - Kids get hurt at school all the time -- That's nothing new. ...But a broken nose, black eyes and a missing tooth after a nasty fall and no call to mom?

That's what Ciara Addison says happened to her 5-year-old son last Friday, and she says she didn't find out until he got off the bus at his Fort Myers daycare, where she also works.

"How does something like this happen, how does my son get hurt so badly and no one calls and tells me," the mother asks.

Determined to find out what happened, Ciara wanted to see what the school bus camera had captured.

"As a mother you just have that instinct that tells you that you want to see and you want to know what happens to your children," she explains.

But when she asked to see the video she says a school transportation official told her no.

"He could not release the video to me and that I could not see it," she adds.

So we took Ciara's concerns to Lee County School District Transportation Director Robert Morgan. Morgan says he's comfortable with the way the bus driver handled the situation.

"Here's what happened... the student got on the bus, and the bus is equipped with lap belts and the student didn't do their lap belt," says Morgan.

But Ciara's son told her his seatbelt was broken.

"I have not had any incidents that I know of where lap belts were broken," adds Morgan.

The transportation director admits the driver didn't follow procedure by not contacting the mother directly about the incident. But he explains, it happened just two stops away from the child's daycare where he's dropped off and his mother works... a stop, he adds, the district does as a favor to parents who aren't at home.  The district contends it notified the daycare, which in turn, notified Ciara.