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Viewers Voice: Parents concerned about new bus stop


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Viewers Voice: Parents concerned about new bus stop

By Miriam Zamorano. CREATED Aug 21, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - It's the first week of school and Mary Kay Harrington isn't worried about her daughter's grades or school supplies, she just wants her to get to class safely.

Her new bus stop is more than a mile away, with the brunt of it on U.S. 17, a 55 mile per hour road with no sidewalks, a far cry from her less than two minute walk last year.

"The walking really isn't that much of a concern for me. It's the distance, and the heat, and her walking alone," said Harrington.

She's also concerned where she waits on Riverside Dr. with the choice of an overgrown patch of grass or on the edge of the road with 45 mile per hour traffic.

The Charlotte County School District says it follows the guidelines put in place by the Department of Transportation saying if a child lives within two miles of school, they walk. The same two mile rule applies to bus stops.

"I think guidelines should be thrown out the window and the safety of the children should come first, regardless of what the state says," said Paul from Cape Coral.

Bonnie says she used to live in Punta Gorda and is worried about all the elements.

"These children who don't fight off sweat as good as adults do are walking a mile and a half in this kind of weather?! It's very dangerous. They need to do something about this."

Michelle from Naples has a suggestion. She called Fox 4 saying, "I think people need to remember that the school bus service is not a taxi service and if you don't want the kids walking to the bus stop on their own, they should go with them."

Sarah posted to Facebook in part, "I waited in the dark with no side walk, none of this is new...calling the news doesn't mean everyone's bus stop should be at their front door."

Mike Riley, the spokesman for the Charlotte County School District , says Harrington can call the Department of Transportation and ask for a hearing to change the bus stop.

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