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Viewers Voice: Viewers raise a stink over TX mom's diaper changing decision


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Viewers Voice: Viewers raise a stink over TX mom's diaper changing decision

By Miriam Zamorano. CREATED Aug 12, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A day out with her three girls turned into getting kicked out of a pizza restaurant for Miranda Sowers.

The Spring, Texas mom brought her three daughters to Brother's Pizza Express but when her four month old needed a diaper change and there was no changing table in the bathroom, Miranda says she did what she thought was her last resort. 

"So I thought, you know what? I've got my own changing pad, she's tiny she fits right here on the chair so I laid her down quickly quietly changed her diaper," explained Miranda.

But some customers in the packed pizza house say it didn't take long to figure out what was going on.

"As soon as you start opening the diaper people start complaining about the smell of the diaper. Last thing I want is a customer throwing up," said Donny Lala with Brother's Pizza Express.

A woman in Naples called Fox 4 saying, "I would not want to be in a restaurant smelling poop while I'm trying to eat either. I think she was wrong. I think she should have taken the kids somewhere else or removed herself from the restaurant."

Miranda says she considered taking the kids out to the minivan but with all the kids and diaper bag and the car seat, it was just too much for her.

Jo from North Fort Myers understands the mom's struggle.

She said,"At the very least there should be a changing table in there. Why didn't the restaurant spend the dime and put the changing table in?"

Sonia, one of hundreds posting on Facebook, saying she may have done things differently but added, "Momma's right on this one! Would you rather punish the child because the restaurant did not equip a changing table?"

Sean chiming in saying the child shouldn't be punished but Miranda should and kicking them out is OK in his book.

He said, "Nobody wants to see that while they're eating. They did the right thing."

Miranda has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the restaurant stands behind its decision to kick her out knowing it lost her family as customers.

Miriam Zamorano

Miriam Zamorano

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