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Viewers Voice: Who's responsible for making sure parents know about low lunch accounts?


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Viewers Voice: Who's responsible for making sure parents know about low lunch accounts?

By Miriam Zamorano. CREATED Feb 7, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 7, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Thousands of responses from you flooding on to our Facebook page, phone lines and email, all reacting to a Lehigh Acres student who didn't have enough money for a hot lunch two days in a row and was instead given a cold cheese sandwich after having her hot lunch taken away.

Lee County superintendent of schools, Nancy Graham talked to Fox Four saying it's a priority for students to have lunch every day and the district is working on making sure communication is clear when a child's account is low.
"I can assure you that I am sorry that this particular story happened, that you had something to report that's as unfortunate as this and we are working to be sure that this doesn't happen to anybody else," said Graham.
So who's responsibility is it to make sure parents know how much money is in their child's account? That's the question getting you riled up.
One viewer called the station and said, "The school should take the responsibility of notifying the parents, not the other way around. It's like the parents are expected to do everything nowadays."
Parents can set up an account on "" to be notified when their child's lunch account is low but Linda wrote in an email, "Parents should not have to have computers to get messages from school. Yes, email is efficient, but a human being calling the parent offers better communication and builds relationships."
Carol from Fort Myers says stop blaming the school. "Where does the parenting come in? They're saying that it's the school's fault but I really think that maybe the parents need to step up and know what's going on and provide the kids with the amount of money that they need," said Carol.
"It's an imperfect system, as so many things within our school systems are, but parents and students should be held more accountable for their actions, just as school officials are.  Just my "two cents!" said Bryce.
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