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Viewers Voice: Affluenza defense outrages viewers


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Viewers Voice: Affluenza defense outrages viewers

By Miriam Zamorano. CREATED Dec 13, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Eric Boyles is grieving the loss of his wife and daughter after 16 yr. old Ethan Couch slammed into them and two other pedestrians killing four.

"It's not OK to drink and drive and kill four people and severely injure another and not have any consequences to that," said Boyles.
Police say couch's blood- alcohol level was three times the legal limit. Couch's defense team claiming the teen is a product of affluenza, a condition meaning he doesn't link bad behavior with consequences because his parents taught him that wealth buys privilege. 
Sharon called Fox Four shocked. "That is so outrageous. He comes from a rich family so he can pretty much do whatever he wants."
Instead of jail time, Couch was sentenced to 10 years of probation and must undergo long-term treatment at an alcohol rehab center.
Cheryl from Port Charlotte thinks the punishment doesn't fit the crime. "With money is privilege. He won't spend a day in jail and he gets to go to a high class establishment to do what they call rehab? It's ridiculous!"
Rich in Fort Myers questions the judge's decision. He said, "That judge that sentenced that boy to probation needs to be removed from office."
The story has already spawned hundreds of comments on Facebook. Candy wrote, "I think there is no right or wrong answer. This teen will have to live with this guilt the rest of his life."
Couch's father has reportedly agreed to pay roughly half-a-million dollars to send him to a rehab center in California.
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Miriam Zamorano

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