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Two women attacked by Pit bull in Fort Myers, one shares story


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Two women attacked by Pit bull in Fort Myers, one shares story

By Gabrielle Sarann. CREATED Aug 13, 2013

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. - A highly unusual situation in east Lee County. The very people who've been caring for a dog, end up killing her, after the dog attacks the woman trying to adopt her. 

Shelly Loudermilk says she loves dogs, especially Pit bulls.

"They're very loving, they're very happy, they're very friendly," said Loudermilk, who drove down from Georgia to be a foster mom to Lily, a one-and-a-half year old Pit bull living at Helping Paws rescue in Leigh Acres. 

"I thought she was really beautiful," said Loudermilk. "I was playing with her last night she was very friendly, very happy."

But when she was about to put Lily in the car, the dog suddenly snapped.

"I think something triggered her," added Loudermilk.

According to Lee County Domestic Animal Services, both Loudermilk and the owner of the rescue, Patricia Agnello, were attacked by Lily. When sheriff's deputies arrived, they found the dog dead from stab wounds. An employee of the rescue had grabbed a knife to put her down. 

"It's very tragic because neither her nor i should have to had to have experienced that," said Loudermilk.

Soon after, Loudermilk returned from the hospital. Her arm and leg are still in bandages. 

"How are you feeling now?" asked Fox 4 reporter Gabrielle Sarann. "I'm fine," replied Loudermilk. "It's not going to deter me from what i do. I'm not angry with the owner. I'm not even angry with the dog."

"That's serious when someone stabs a dog," said Missy Villasante, a neighbor. "So you have to wonder was the dog attacking? Was it vicious?"

Loudermilk says she's not pressing charges. Nor will this experience keep her from fostering Pit bulls. a breed she says is misunderstood.   

"Most people breed them to fight them or make them mean or make them bad dogs," said Loudermilk. "And in reality, they're not really bad dogs. They're very loving."

At last check, the owner Patricia Agnello, was still recovering at the hospital.