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Students concerns over roads after classmate's death


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Students concerns over roads after classmate's death

By Tara Molina. CREATED Aug 25, 2014

CAPE CORAL, FLA.- Mariner High School students went back to school Monday for the first time since the death of their classmate, Austin Duckette. 

Duckette was hit by a Lee County Sheriff's deputy while riding to school Friday morning and he died Saturday due to his injuries. 

Four in Your Corner talked to Kiana Duncombe, who called Austin Duckette a friend, and said that going back to school today wasn't easy for anyone; 

"The teacher was crying. Everybody was, just like, gloomy."

Duncombe said that many of her classmates wore black today, honoring Duckette, and that it was his favorite color; 

"Of course I wore black. He was one of my friends."

Mariner High School student, Kayne Scott, said that there was a short break in the school day;

"They announced a ten minute break, for Austin. It's sad."

Administrators shared a message with students;

"If you need any counseling, go to the media center." 

Duncombe, and her friend Rachel Wright, say that their parents shared messages of their own; 

"They want us to use the crosswalk over there instead of just crossing." "Because, as you can see over here, we have to walk across right here. And the cars, they don't slow down. Honestly. They will speed up to get where they need to go."

Duckette was hit on Kismet Parkway, there are no sidewalks on Kismet, or in many parts of northern Cape Coral. 

Wright would like to see that change;

"They should put sidewalks, and like the railings, to make it safer."




Tara Molina

Tara Molina

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Tara is a reporter for FOX 4.