Southwest Florida man denied mammogram because of gender


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Southwest Florida man denied mammogram because of gender

By Christy Dimond. CREATED Oct 8, 2013

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and despite several organizations offering discounted or free mammograms, a local patient is having a hard time getting a mammogram because of his gender. 

Donald Mudd said he's had a painful lump in his right breast over the last several weeks, and now the lump is the size of a golf ball.  He went to see his physician who told him he had a mass in his breast and he needed to get a mammogram.  

Since Mudd doesn't have insurance, he tried to get a mammogram at Fawcett Memorial Hospital, which advertises mammogram specials for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

"I got transferred a number of times with the same result... that males don't qualify for the mammogram cancer screening," Mudd said. 

Mudd said he tried about six different organizations to see if he could get a screening, but got the same result. 

"I was a little bit in shock to even find out that men could have breast cancer, and then I find out that because of my gender those programs are not available to men," Mudd said. 

Kathy Shepard, Breast Health Navigator, said it's harder for men to get help because there's a stigma that breast cancer only affects women. 

"The majority of the people who are screened and treated for breast cancer are women but there are more and more men who have breast cancer issues, and the reality is, not too many people are aware of that," Shepard said. 

Four in Your Corner did some digging and got Mudd help from the Susan G. Komen of Southwest Florida.  We set Mudd up with an appointment tomorrow at Virginia B. Andes Volunteer Clinic in Port Charlotte, which gets grant money from Susan G. Komen to offer screenings for uninsured patients- regardless of gender. 

Fox 4 will continue to follow Donald's story and let you know what happens.  If you need to get information on a screening, contact Susan G. Komen of Southwest Florida at 239-498-0016.