Something foul at this year's Coconut Festival?


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Something foul at this year's Coconut Festival?

By Chris Day. CREATED Nov 9, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 9, 2013

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Kids from all over and of all ages came to Cape Coral this weekend to enjoy Cape Coral's annual Coconut Festival. We went down to preview the event when one mom wanted to know why the family event featured some adult content.

"I've been on a lot of rides. Like, all of them."

Marco Ciminati is twelve years old, and he tells Fox 4 most of the rides were a lot of fun. But not one ride.

"oh yeah, that one. Don't ride that one"

His mother approached me, appalled after finding out what gave Marco that strong opinion about the ride, Alpine Bob's. Marco tells us,

"They just start playing songs with cuss words... The 'F' word, all that"

When I asked the ride operators if uncensored and innapropriate songs made their way to the kids' ears, they told me 'no'. But when I reached out to the City of Cape Coral, who organize the event, they tell me they did hear about the uncensored music, and took immediate steps to stop it.

While some kids were offended by what they heard, others remained unphased. Jesus Rodriguez tells Fox 4,

"I came out here to have some fun with my friends, and all that stuff. I think its a great opportunity for the kids"

He says the only rule he's breaking tonight, is his bedtime.

"I've been out here since eleven o'clock, its just fun. I'm going to stay up until 12 you know?"

While Marco is also having a good time, he says it needs to stay age-appropriate

"I'm twelve... It's, not cool."