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Sewer standoff between city and woman living off the grid


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Sewer standoff between city and woman living off the grid

By Liza Fernandez. CREATED Feb 24, 2014

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A woman living off the grid - and at odds with Cape Coral code enforcement -  is now embroiled in a sewer standoff with the city.

It's a story 4 In Your Corner's Liza Fernandez first brought you 3 months ago.

And today, the city capped off her sewer for unpaid bills.

You may remember the day after our first story showing how Robin Speronis lives without electric service and running water aired, Cape code enforcement tagged her home with a notice to vacate.

Speronis had been using the city sewer system, however, she showered and flushed the toilet with her rain water.

The city has now capped the sewer so she can no longer use it.

It is a service she had not been paying for and the bill amounted to thousands.

In a code enforcement hearing last week, the city argued she wasn't using city sewer and as such violating code.

A magistrate found her not guilty of that and not guilty of violating codes for her use of solar energy for electricity.

She was found guilty of violating codes for not using an approved water supply.

Speronis says the city's decision to cap her sewer is quote "pure evil." 

Her attorney tells FOX 4 he's disappointed the city would choose this move, as opposed to settling the unpaid sewer bill another way.