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Sanibel predator still on the loose, residents on the lookout


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Sanibel predator still on the loose, residents on the lookout

By Chris Day. CREATED Apr 19, 2014

SANIBEL ISLAND, Fla. - A sexual predator is still on the loose in Sanibel after exposing himself to several young teenage girls. More than a week has passed since his last act, but residents on Sanibel Island say they're still a little uneasy.

"Oh, I've heard the story. The whole island's heard the story," James Stevens tells Fox 4. "We're all kind of on guard. Things have kind of quieted down so we think it possibly might have been a tourist, hopefully, and he's not a local."

Sanibel Police Officers released a sketch of the suspect after his third attack, asking for help finding the man. He's believed to be 6 feet tall, with blonde hair, and a deep voice. Even though James Stevens has lived on Sanibel for 30 years, he says this incident has him worried.

"Pretty scary. It happened pretty close to my home, I have two young children and a wife, and yeah this definitely hit home and we took extra precautions."

Born and raised on Sanibel Island, 20-year-old Terry Earl is doing the same.

"Make sure I've locked my doors, all my windows, my porch door, have my light on."

She says she's never heard of anything like this happening on Sanibel Island before. Since a whole week has gone by with no sign of the suspect, she thinks it could already be over.

"He probably saw his sketch and, he's gone," Earl said. 

Not everyone on the island agrees, however. Mike Macrey thinks the suspect is still out there.

"Somebody who does that kind of thing is not going to go away," Macrey said. "He may disappear for a while."

If you have any information on these incidents you're asked to call the Sanibel Police Department at (239) 472-3111.