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Sand truck hauler companies bid for Collier Co. beach renourishment job


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Sand truck hauler companies bid for Collier Co. beach renourishment job

By Julie Salomone. CREATED Aug 9, 2013

NAPLES, Fla.- The job to renourish eroding beaches in Collier County is now up for grabs. The county opened up the bid process. 

Those at Vanderbilt Beach blame mother nature for the eroding coastline.

"With the renourishment and extending the beach out, it will give a lot more people room and people won't be on top of each other," said Rick Beaton.

The county opened the bidding process on Thursday for the controversial job of hauling tons of sand to replenish the beaches. Some argued back in June dredging would be better, but the county shot the option down because it is too expensive. The county's already received at least 4 bids. One bid is nearly $6 million dollars less than their $15 million dollar budget. 

"Beaches have definitely gone down with a lot of storms and stuff that we had," said David Jeskie, Owner of The Beach Store of Naples.

David Jeskie's customers can walk to the beach from his business. He says huge trucks with lots of sand is not ideal, but necessary. 

"It's perfect timing to bring it in. It is unfortunate that the streets will be clogged for awhile with the trucks, but by far is great because the beach is major asset," said Jeskie. 
County commissioners voted in July to renourish several beaches including Park Shore, the city of Naples and North Naples beaches including Vanderbilt Beach. The project could start as early as October.
"The beach is extremely important to both my business and to the 5 star hotels along Vanderbilt Beach."