Sand haul starts up for Collier Co. beach re-nourishment project


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Sand haul starts up for Collier Co. beach re-nourishment project

By Julian Glover. CREATED Oct 14, 2013

ESTERO, Fla. – The Estero area got a whole lot busier today as the Collier Co. beach re-nourishment project kicked off, adding hundreds of dump trucks to the traffic situation.

400 trucks are now added to the mix of daily traffic on Corkscrew Road.

The trucks are hauling sand from a pit in Immokalee down Corkscrew Rd. to I-75 and eventually to several beaches in Collier County.

Since the project was drawn up, many have wondered if Corkscrew Road was the right one to use. With Pinewoods Elementary School right off the road, more than two dozen Lee County School bus stops, and several living communities with more than 9,000 residents along the route, some believe the project will be a safety and traffic nightmare.

“They couldn't have picked a worse time to start a project with season starting,” said David Douglas.

Douglas lives in the Wildcat Run community, one of several communities lining Corkscrew Road.

When we caught up with Douglas, he told us that he already had a chip on his shoulder and his car about the project.

“I've gotten my first chip in my windshield from one of the dump trucks that have been driving up and down,” said Douglas.

Don’t expect the drive to get any easier anytime soon.

You can expect to see a truck headed down Corkscrew Road on average of every two minutes, 12-hours-a-day, six-days a week.

An uneasy thought for those caught in the middle of the great sand haul.

"They were in each lane blocking every lane so you couldn't get around them,” said Douglas, “some driving slow and some driving fast.”